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Learn to trade the markets and make money on your own time and schedule. Whether you are looking to be financially free by trading full-time or as a secondary source of income, the Prima Trades Ultimate Profits Trading eBook gives you the tools to fulfill such goals. The eBook is comprised of 8 lessons, which begin by teaching the basics of technical analysis and progressively introduces more challenging material throughout.

Like building a house, you must start from the ground up in order to have a strong foundation. This is the way you will learn how to trade the markets like Prima Trades, building on the knowledge you have obtained from the lesson before. Prima Trades only uses technical analysis to trade the market. This means we use a stock's chart to determine which way prices are headed. 

Make Money When Stocks Go Up AND Down

This eBook was specifically created for traders of all levels, beginner and experienced alike. There are countless ways to make money in the markets, however, this eBook will cover the strategies and techniques used by Prima Trades in order to consistently make compounding profits.

The stock market is something I've always wanted to get into. Prima Trades has given me the confidence and success in trading the market that I've been searching for. This course has given me the knowledge to take action for not only today, but the rest of my life. I am now a self-sufficient trader, relying on my own knowledge thanks to the Ultimate Profits Trading eBook. What Prima Trades has in this eBook is a life changing experience if you devote your time to the process. This will not only change my life, but my family's lives as well. I do not have to be in the rat race until I'm 60 years old. Because of the Prima Trades trading strategies I can look forward to the future, rather than living in fear and stuck in debt. 

Dhillon B.



This eBook completely opened my eyes to better understand the market. Prima Trades went out of their way to ensure every topic was thoroughly covered making the material easy to comprehend. These easy to understand lesson plans made complex concepts and strategies become simple. Well worth your time and money for sure!!!! 

Stephen W.

The Prima Trades Ultimate Profits eBook is a fantastic guide for traders of all different levels! The guide is comprehensive, beginning with the basics of trading and gradually introduces more advanced material. I highly recommend this eBook for both beginners and advanced traders. I learned many new trading techniques that have significantly improved my trading profits. I highly recommend this course for anyone interested in investing! The eBook is worth every penny. 

Tyler M.


Build Your Account While Protecting Capital

Prima Trades believes that in regards to investing, less is more. Inexperienced traders often try to utilize a variety of indicators and strategies only to over complicate trades leading to a loss of capital. To quote Leonardo Da Vinci... "Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication."
This eBook will be easy to understand, detailed yet to the point. If these principles and strategies are practiced and mastered, one can grow tremendous wealth and be free to live life on their own terms. 

Here is what you will receive by purchasing the Ultimate Profits Trading eBook: 

1. Learning to Read Candlesticks/Bar Charts

2. Understanding Support and Resistance


3. Key Indicators used by Prima Trades

4. Key Technical Patterns and Strategies

5. Trading With Multiple Timeframes 

6. The Wyckoff Principles

7. Risk Management & Trend Following Rules

8. 20-Day/200-Day Moving Average Strategy 


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