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How to get started.

The first thing to understand when subscribing to Prima Trades is that we do not manage money for our members. We trade the markets full-time and provide stock trade alerts which we are trading in our own accounts. This allows our monthly subscribers to profit along with us and make compounding returns.

Since we do not manage money for our subscribers, it is the responsibility of each member to place the trades themselves through their own brokerage accounts.

Prima Trades will send out email alerts or text alerts to those who download the app 'Discord' to only those who have purchased the Traders Plan monthly subscription. These trade alerts will include the stock symbol, whether we are long or short, and the entry price when we have gotten into the trade. When Prima Trades exits a position, we will immediately send out sell alerts with our exit price and what percentage we have gained or lost.

Unlike many other investment services, Prima Trades provides every single trade that has been made in real-time under the past trades tab, making us extremely transparent. We do this to show you that our trading strategies work and can generate serious wealth over time. We focus on hitting singles, while occasionally hitting a home run every now and again when the opportunity presents itself. The key to making money in the stock market is patience. Many individuals do not want to hear this because it is counterintuitive, however, in most cases, the less you trade.. the more money you make. Why is this?

This is mainly due to the fact that people tend to over trade and force trades that are not there simply because they are afraid of missing out on an opportunity. Take it from us who have experienced the ups and downs of the market, only trade A+ set ups.

Always remain humble in the market, be vigilant, and remember to take profits when necessary. Do not let greed overwhelm you thinking every stock will go to the moon. There is always another trading opportunity just around the corner. As the great David Weis, a Wyckoff Method technical analysis expert, author of 'Trades About to Happen,' and a good friend of mine once told me.. "Trade like a sparrow, be quick to take your profits, take what you can and get out. Do that over and over again."

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